Have you been searching, without much luck,
for the right partner to spend your life with?

It can be frustrating filled with dead-end first dates, or second dates you shouldn't have gone on but did anyway. Let's not forget the endless exchanges on dating sites that seem to go nowhere, and sometimes even end in heartbreak when things just don't work out.

I know, because I was is your shoes just a few years ago. Now throw in the fact that I was mid-life . . . Well, it felt like midlife madness vs. the midlife magic I was hoping for. I soon learned that dating was not what it used to be . . . And I'm betting you feel the same way.

You might feel lonely, lack confidence to get back out there after whatever setbacks you've faced, or even feel stuck—knowing you deserve a life filled with love—you just don't know HOW or WHERE to find it.

. . . But just imagine, what it would feel like to come home at the end of the day to the right partner, someone you can't wait to spend time with? Someone to travel with, someone to share hobbies with, someone to share your life with—forever. Most importantly, a true partner, someone you felt loved and appreciated by.

What if I told you that I believe it can all be yours at ANY age ANY stage—even if you're frustrated, exhausted, fed-up, and maybe even convinced that there's NO ONE out there for you. 

And it's not your fault.

The dating landscape has changed dramatically and old practices, old ways, old tips, and tired "tricks" just don't work anymore. None of us have the modern day tools to get out there quickly and find the perfect partner.

Until NOW . . .

Let's take a look at YOU . . . You are amazing—you've had success and you're strategic and smart. You know there is a MUCH better way to find your true love, and you don't want to waste any more time. Because if we’re being honest . . . once you are in your mid-life, you don't have time to waste on someone that isn't worth your while. You know you can't keep repeating the past. You want results. You want a fast-track approach to ReLaunching yourself and IGNITING the LOVE and LIFE up until now you've only IMAGINED—the life DEEP DOWN you know you DESERVE.

You just don't know HOW or WHERE to start or just need to hit a RESET button to ignite the life and love you deserve.


And I can show you….

With The ReLaunch Method To Love

Let Me Explain…

To find your life partner...

  • You need to live the 4C's:  Clarity, Confidence, Connection & Commitment
  • You need to understand the Right Mindset
  • You need to get in front of more of The Right people
  • You need new strategies, new connections, and new activities
  • You need to know the dating landscape NOW, and how to navigate it
  • You need to put your best YOU forward

Do you know how to do all of this?
If you do—excellent! If you don't—and want to learn more about THIS BETTER and FASTER approach to finding LOVE—this course is FOR YOU!

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Your future best self and love life depends on it.


I put the "magic" I discovered when I found my Mr. Right, as well as ReLaunched 1000's of other women successfully, in a course for you. I've also combined the HUNDREDS of classes and courses I’ve taken to give you a 
because I'm committed to helping you get out there, and now.

Many of you have heard of me because I've been a high-profile business owner and CEO Coach in the Silicon Valley for the past two decades, privately working with some of today's top business leaders, I noticed one thing rang true when it came to each and every client I've ever coached . . . When one sector of your life is off balance—it filters into other areas as well. So, I applied the principles that made me, as well as all of my clients, so successful and developed The ReLaunch Method.

I'm dedicating to helping you find success in every area of your life, and it starts with YOU!

I'm ready to help you find the LOVE you deserve
without having to go through all the heartaches and
time wasting I did!
It all starts with


ReLaunch Love Shows You How To Master Dating

THIS Time Around . . . At ANY age ANY stage

Because why have Midlife Madness . . . when you can have MIDLIFE MAGIC!

Think of it as your complete ONE-STOP RESOURCE for strategy, advice, mindset, coaching and support to help you find your forever guy and the love you deserve.

Shortcut the time-wasting, energy zapping, lackluster dating life with The ReLaunch Method.

Stop feeling lonely and unappreciated and
START FEELING love, joy, and connection!

My 6-week program will get you on the fast-track to finding your Mr. Right!

"ReLaunch Love was one of the best courses I've ever taken. It helped build my confidence and showed me exactly what I needed to do to get back out there dating again after so many years."

Our program will ignite your enthusiasm to give you the FRESH START you know you want and need to ReLaunch both you personally as well as your love life—and our PROVEN step-by-step method will shortcut you to meeting the right partner, faster.

Say goodbye to nights and holidays alone and make your love life as successful as other areas of your life.

Say goodbye to a lack of confidence or clarity in who YOU are, and WHO and WHAT you are taking aim for.

At ANY age, ANY stage, you can find the love you know you deserve deep down inside. 


In 6 Short Weeks—The ReLaunch Love Course will . . .

💕   Empower you with dating success strategies to help you meet quality men

💕   Free you from your past baggage and overthinking

💕   Get you crystal clear on what YOU want and who YOU really are TODAY

💕   Tell you what you must know, to put you ahead in the dating world

💕 Get you ready for new experiences, new people and your new life filled with JOY!

💕   Blast limiting beliefs that are sabotaging and holding you back

This program IS for you if...

✔   You don't have time to waste and you're ready to meet someone QUALITY now

✔   You believe that there is a better way than just swiping left or swiping right aimlessly without a plan—you want to take aim and get clear on who is your ideal partner

✔   You're tired of spinning your wheels with apps, dating sites and bad blind dates

✔   You want a partner to share your life with, one with whom you have a meaningful and genuine connection

✔   You know you deserve MUCH more than what you’ve been experiencing—you want MORE from your love life and want less frustration and disappointment

This program is NOT for you if...

✘   You believe love will never ever be for you

✘   You think you don't have anything to improve on personally or when it comes to dating

✘   You're content with staying single

✘   You think you've done it all and aren’t willing to try new things or be coached

✘   You are content just "hoping" love will happen

See what our recent ReLaunch Love Course member Kris had to say about the program:


Let Me Show YOU What's Personally Waiting For You Inside The Course . . .

  • A complete road map specifically for you on this journey to find your forever guy.
  • A proven 6 week step-by-step program to take you from stuck in a rut to the new IGNITED and EMPOWERED you.
  • 100% online 24/7 access to the video course and guidance and support weekly on the LIVE small-group coaching calls. 
  • Complete and instant LIFETIME access to the online course
  • Weekly LIVE small-group coaching with like-minded women in your same situation with Hilary and the ReLaunch team leading the call.
  • 18+ videos taking you through how you need to BE and what you need to DO in order to HAVE the love life you want. It's our BE + DO = HAVE model.
  • 20+ cheat sheets, worksheets and handouts to help you capture insights at your fingertips and guide you towards continued success. 

Our unique program with a 99% success rate includes . . .


How do you become the entrepreneur of your love life?

You will learn the key entrepreneurship mindsets to reintroduce you to YOU. These mindset mantras are culled from my extensive research and experience. This will set the stage for your exciting next chapter in life and pave the way to leave you open for what's waiting. You will also learn how to put behind you the unfinished business that could be holding you back, stop overthinking in its tracks, and gain the confidence you need to present your best self.


What is your dream love life?

You will get crystal clear on what you want in your future love life and how to take aim to reach your dream. Having this clarity will catapult you to the next level, and accelerate your results. I'll show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, helping IGNITE the love life you've envisioned to help you have the BEST second half of life possible!


Are you too busy for love? How do you make love or yourself a priority?

You will learn what men really want from women, and more importantly WHY . . . Science shows us how the subconscious brain plays a huge role—in how he is attracted to you, how he reacts to you, and how he wants to win you over. Most never learn any of the "why" and don't get what they want from relationships. Once you know the science behind the "why", you can get exactly what you want. If time was your issue, after going through this section, it won't be any longer!


What is the BEST version of you?

You will get back in touch with the authentic you—the real you that may have been suppressed or hidden in your last relationship or set-back. Getting in touch with the authentic you will attract him to you NATURALLY. We challenge you with "Project Get Real", our signature approach to reintroducing you to YOU.

And let's not forget the bonuses, to bring out the best you on the outside in beauty and health.


How are you Taking Aim at the Love YOU Deserve?

You will learn all about dating today, what has changed and what has not, and we'll start with your "love tracker"—what it is, why it matters, and how to assess yours. We encourage you to take a closer look at your social circles and explain why they matter and teach you how to strategically grow them. We start to narrow down where and how to find your dream man. And once you do meet him we go over the 5 stages of dating-and how to master them. Let's not forget about sex! Learn about today’s norms, how long to wait, and all your burning questions!

"I was tired of being and feeling stuck, I needed to try something different—The ReLaunch Method worked not just in my love life, but in EVERY area of my life!"


  • Access to Extra Online Videos—like The Secret to Becoming a Magnet to Men, What He's Really Thinking, and Too Busy to Date? Rethink Your Time Strategies.
  • Two downloadable game-changer exercises that will get you CLEAR on where you've been and how to start doing what you need to meet the perfect guy for you. (value $49)
  • A 20 min One-On-One Entry Course Call with Hilary to set your goals (value $200).
  • A 20 min One-On-One End of Course Call with Hilary to finalize your Road Map (value $200).
  • 4 months access to a Private FB ReLaunch Course Community Ready to inspire and support. ($116 value)


The BONUS of access to our members-only private Facebook Group enables you to get ongoing support and inspiration from The ReLaunch Co. as well as from your fellow community members.

It’s the perfect place connect with like-minded women in your same situation in a private members-only group, where you can exchange thoughts, questions, and support each other while you get on the fast-track to dating! Hilary also pops into the private Facebook group to answer questions each week as well as to give bonus "LIVE" coaching sessions.

Facebook Live Q&A sessions to answer any questions you have along the way as well as talk about hot topics.


Fast Action Bonus—

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If you show us you did the work and show up on the group calls the first 30 days, and if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll gladly give you a refund within the first 30 days of the course.

Email [email protected] with any questions!


Yes, I've been where you are now . . . I've been through all the frustrations of dating—there I was after a 10-year marriage, suddenly no longer the Mrs. to the Mr.—and with three young kids!! I didn't have a clue how to get back out there again, and just assumed my old tactics would work. Well, they didn't . . . as both the landscape to dating had changed and so had I in what I was looking for!

Sure, on the outside it looked like I had it all together.

  • I had just been on an episode of The Secret Millionaire
  • I was winning prestigious awards for my new companies I had launched
  • I had just been invited to The White House because of my efforts to champion online safety for children with my company that was growing
  • I was coaching high level executives from The Silicon Valley

But at the end of the day . . . I was falling apart on the inside. So what did I do? I looked far and wide for the silver bullet—a quick fix. I knew I had no time to waste, so I tried everything. I went to therapy, but hated it. I read hundreds of books, but I didn't know how to put what I was reading to practical use. I was "gifted" a session with a psychic, okay, now that was interesting! I signed up for and paid for a ton of online dating courses, but none laid out a step-by-step plan or gave me my WHY. I had Tibetan monks come to my house and bless it for love and prosperity. I wanted a short cut and it needed to lead me to "the one." AND FAST! I wanted to get on with my life and not be reminded that I was divorced. And I didn't want to spend one more lonely night or face another disappointing date. I tried everything and spared no expense to find the one thing that would make my single life disappear.

NO surprise here . . . that approach didn't work. And in a blink of an eye, 5 years had passed. I was nowhere closer to finding my guy—my attitude was getting a little jaded and I found myself stuck in a major rut. The same rut I know many of YOU are in right now.

Then, the most incredible introduction happened while I was on the road raising money for a company. This introduction showed me the power of applying entrepreneurship concepts (that I used in my successful business life all the time) towards finding love. It was brilliant! It was forcing me to take a hard look at HOW I was showing up, as well as challenging me to think about who I really was, deep down inside, reintroducing me to ME. It also challenged me to get CLEAR on what I really wanted, and was I SETting myself up to be READY to RELAUNCH to aim for what I wanted?

This made total sense to me, but would it work if I applied it to my life?

I'm here today because YES, it did work. And it's worked for THOUSANDS of other women I've successfully coached.And as I mentioned before, I wanted this to be accessible to everyone. So I made it incredible AFFORDABLE (compared to private Executive Coaching rates!) and more APPROACHABLE by doing it in a hybrid setting and different coaching levels—WEEKLY small group coaching and online video course with options of 1:1 coaching. It has given the women in ReLaunch the COMMUNITY, CONNECTION, and SUPPORT they wanted and needed to reach higher levels.

With a 99% success rate, I can hardly wait to ADD YOU to that list of women who have reset and FOUND the love and life they had only been dreaming of up until the course!!

Have you ever just clicked with a person to such a degree that you felt like you knew each other already? That is exactly how I felt when I met my forever guy, I had done the work on myself, got clear on what I was looking for, and followed the ReLaunch Method I had developed that had brought me business success, and was now bringing me success in my personal life. It worked. Better than I could have ever dreamed.

And, I KNOW you can have the same in the ReLaunch Method to Love course.

Are you ready to IGNITE your DREAMS? Are you done with being an eternal Spark Seeker, and instead declare NOW IS MY TIME to be a MID-LIFE MAGIC MAKER!!!

I felt fireworks when I met Erich. {and I'm happy to report we still have those same fireworks in our marriage from when we first met . . . } BOOM💥!  AND I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO AS WELL!

If it worked so well for me, how could I not bring it to every woman out there that was frustrated with old approaches not working and tired by new ones that led to dead ends and wasted time?

So think of me as your M.F.G. . . . Mid-life Fairy Godmother—although when the clock strikes midnight I'm not going ANYWHERE! I'm committed to helping you ReLaunch and give you the fresh start you deserve.

AND—most importantly—I'm here to help YOU make the SECOND half of your life BETTER than the first half in Life and LOVE!

Now . . . are you ready to CLAIM the LIFE AND LOVE YOU DESERVE?!? Are you ready for this to be YOUR TIME?!?

For questions please email

[email protected]

So WHAT are you waiting for? Let's make the SECOND half of your life BETTER than the first half in Life and LOVE and give you the RESET YOU’RE DREAMING OF to find the perfect partner for you!


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