Are YOU Ready to Get Real in LIFE and LOVE?

Our ReLaunch community asked . . . and we listened . . .

Not able to have a one year Eat, Pray, Love type experience? Then our one-day, boot camp style, PROJECT GET REAL is the PERFECT answer for BUSY women who want both a remarkable life and love life, and it's HAPPENING IN SAN FRANCISCO ON 10/19/19!

This ONE DAY RETREAT is for women like YOU that want to dig in, get clear, and get GOing in the right direction . . . ignited with info and inspo to help YOU take aim at what you're after.

And YOU are after a remarkable life and love life.


6 Types of Women This Get Real Retreat is for:

  • I sometimes feel like I am stuck in life and/or in my love life or want to reach higher. I need help getting real about what might be holding me back and setting goals for my future in life and love.
  • I am missing some of the tools or desire clarity on how I can reach new heights. I want help with a step-by-step plan and ways I can actually put into action when it comes to living a remarkable life AND/OR dating life!
  • My confidence has taken a hit by self-limiting beliefs or a negative experience in my life, or I may have worked on these and need a confidence refresher. I want to claim my inner-remarkability and get over or continue to keep out what’s holding me back.
  • I’m ready to get real. Plain and simple I can no longer keep doing what I’m doing and expect different results. I need NEW ideas, NEW beliefs, NEW inspiration.
  • My love life isn’t working despite efforts, or I want to improve my love life. I need to know new ways to find the love I deserve and develop ways of connecting.
  • Although everything appears to be fine on the surface, I often times do not feel fulfilled. If I’m being honest, I’m not operating my life or living my life to its full potential.
  • I love going to conferences and retreats, but they are typically aimed at a different generation, are costly, or they are spread out over 3 - 7 days that I just don’t have.  I’m ready to attend something that’s affordable in a condensed format that delivers modern day advice and shows practical ways to follow-through. I’m ready to find like-minded women to build friendships and help hold me accountable to reach my goals in life and love!

If one or more of those statements made you say, “Yes, that’s me,” then be sure to grab your spot in the Project Get Real Retreat - before it fills. 

AND…. start TRANSFORMING your life and love life in this one-day boot camp style retreat!  SIGN UP NOW 

We’ve seen it work in the ReLaunch Method to Love course, and now it’s time for our CONDENSED – FAST-ACTION – BOOT-CAMP-STYLE - ONE DAY RETREAT.  So whether you’re a PREVIOUS CLIENT or someone already on their way that just needs a REFRESHER, or you are in desperate need of INSPIRATION and GUIDANCE – join us to GET REAL to have more success in love, relationships and life than you ever thought possible!

If your second or third chapter in life is happening - The ReLaunch Co. is truly committed to helping you have a better second half of life than the first.

This retreat is CAPPED at 50 max (20 VIP max) on a first come basis.

In this one-day retreat The ReLaunch team and I are ready to help you have a:

🌟RENEWED sense of belonging
🌟INCREASED confidence
🌟CLAIM your inner-remarkability
in your life and love life



Expect a day filled with deep dives, getting real, stripping your limiting beliefs and leaving old ways behind.  There will be a little pampering, fun, and commorodary of the sisterhood kind as well (of course!!).

Registration will begin on Saturday, 10/19 at 9:00am and our day will kick off promptly at 9:30am. It will be held in the luxurious Lumina building in downtown San Francisco, California.  Lunch is included and will be served at 12:00pm. The day will end around 3:00pm and there will be an optional get together for cocktails after the retreat at 5:00pm. 

Our VIP’s will receive a personal invitation with details for their private small-group dinner and cocktails with Hilary DeCesare the evening before, Friday 10/18 at 7:00pm, to get a jump-start of info and inspo for the retreat!


  • The layers / faces you put out into the world - are they stopping you from finding a man and true love?
  • How to get to the true YOU deep down inside and bring her forward.
  • Ditching limiting beliefs for good and stop self-sabotaging in its tracks..
  • How to build and keep confidence in yourself and your dating life.
  • Looking at past set-backs and taking a close look at lessons learned to help you reach new heights to connect with a remarkable man..
  • Could you use some personal Re-Branding? Why it’s important to consider in who you attract.
  • How to not only ignite your dating life, but your personal and business life as well.
  • The scientific differences between men and women and how to use them to your advantage to stand out in person, online, and when in a group setting in today’s dating landscape.


  • $397 prior to 10/1 OR $447 after (if available)
  • ticket for Project Get Real Retreat - Saturday 10/19
  • invitation to exclusive dinner hosted by Hilary - Friday 10/18
  • luxe swag bag at event
  • boxed lunch
  • only 20 spots available - first come basis


  • $197 prior to 10/1  OR. $247 after (if available)
  • ticket for Project Get Real Retreat - Saturday 10/19
  • swag bag at event
  • boxed lunch



And if you’d like to experience Project Get Real with a FRIEND, we’re offering a 2nd spot (Classic OR VIP) for $99!!!
If you want to bring a friend, you can add that to your order during checkout.


Once you have secured your spot, we will send you a welcome email with all of the specifics - location, hotel suggestions, further details (especially for VIP level).

You will also receive an entry application so that we can make sure that the retreat covers many of your questions.  Please make sure to fill this out as soon as possible. We'll also be including a BONUS QUIZ for you to take to see what type of "Seeker" you are - we know you'll love it!


Pricing WILL INCREASE on 10/1 if there are any open spots left and will continue to be on a first come basis.

WE CAN’T WAIT to see YOU at The ReLaunch Co.’s 


ANY QUESTIONS? Feel free to reach us at


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